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Escape of the enslaved dragon

Dear friends and visitors,

I am thrilled to tell You that I have continued to work on my Escape of the enslaved dragon sculpture.  Nash’areth has been captured by ancient dark entities and their cultists and held chained and imprisoned in an underground temple. The cult and their ancient masters have been draining him of power yet giving him enough susenance to keep him alive. As time passed Nash’ areth figured out a way to tap into their evil powers and use them for his own. This altered and invigorated him as he tore loose the chains of his imprisonment and rampaged towards the surface. We see him emerging from one of the cults towers underground vents destroying the structure as he climbs on it. With his newfound power he lets loose a terrifying roar before he sets of to exact vengeance upon the cultists and their dark masters.

the pictures show a WIP of the scene in its rather early stages, as the story brought new conceptualizations that have yet to be reflected and realised in the sculpt. Hope Youll like it as much as I enjoy working on it 😀

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