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Xenomorph Dragon Sculpture

Hello friends,

over the last few weeks I have been devoted to a large personal project. I wanted to answer a question, What would happen if a Facehugger impregnated a dragon… so after a lot of conceptualizing and sculpting, I am very happy to bring You the first shots of my latest sculpture – The Xenomorph Dragon. when the diea came to me I went back and researched Gigers original concept art from before the 1st Alien movie. I wanted to capture the vibe of the creature but do it anew. My goal was to really try and make the new genotype that is a product of the xenomorph and dragon dna mixture. Ive done small pencil sketches aswell as some 3d sketches before I settled on the inital shapes. And then I started focusing on the anatomy and details. Watching the behind the scenes documentaries from the movies helped aswell, aswell as some scenes from the movies to get inspired and into the whole vibe. The whole process was a blast. Ill be sharing some concept art soon as well as more renders. There is also a painted variant coming so stay tuned 😀

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