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Astherion, Kharzuul, Zhaedras and our first customisable figure base are coming to the store for PREORDERS soon!!

Dear Friends,
I am very happy to announce Astherion, Kharzuul and Zheaderass will be available to preorder in the Artefakt Miniatures store soon. ( The large base that can be seen on Astherion and Kharzuuls photo will be available aswell.
Both the Base and Zhaedrass will come with several customisation options so You can create Your own variant of Zhaedrass and the base.
Heres some pics of the items in question (1. Astherion, 2. Kharzuul bust in 2 sizes, 3. Zhaedrass horn variant A, 4.Zhaedrass horn variant B)
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