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Winton Afric Art is now live on Facebook & on Patreon!!!

Hi, I’m Winton, a traditionally trained painter and sculptor from Zagreb Croatia.

​I have been a University Art professor teaching drawing and sculpting classes with over 10 years’ experience.

Through our new Facebook page you can stay up to date on the developments of my online art course and artwork. Full details for my webinar art courses online: Becoming A Concept Artist is available at our shop link here:

Through my Patreon page, I want to stream digital painting and sculpting sessions to help people hone and develop their art skills and make interesting art projects come to life. ​The aim is to have a stream of a 3-hour painting or sculpting session each week. In the painting sessions, we work from photo reference practicing observation skills, learning how to do realistic portraits, figures, nudes, landscapes, and other scenes. We also combine all the said knowledge in creating concept art characters and scenes, including fantasy, sci-fi, and other characters and themes.

​In the sculpting sessions, we learn to use ZBrush as a digital sculpting tool, making animals, humans, and various fantastic beasts and creatures. The emphasis is on learning anatomy and proportions and using that knowledge to create compelling realistic and stylized characters and creatures.

Join us now!

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