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Astherion, Kharzuul, Zhaedrass and the Decorative figure Base are up for PREORDER

Dear friends,

I am super happy to announce that Astherion, Kharzuul, Zhaedrass and the Decorative figure Base are finally available for PREORDER. Its been a long road to get to here and finally, we have arrived 😀

All of the items are already 3D printed and at the casters. The nature of the preorder is to determine the demand for each so we can prepare for the future. All items will be shipped to buyers by December 25th.

The “Cold steel and Fiery orange” painted Kharzuul shows a superb rendition by Roman Lappat of Massive Voodoo, be sure to check more of his awesome painting at and

Both Zhaedrass and the Decorative figure Base come with different customisable parts so You can personalize Your bust and base to Your liking. Each of the items has a really nice photo gallery so please check it out as well.

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Astherion, Kharzuul, Zhaedras and our first customisable figure base are coming to the store for PREORDERS soon!!

Dear Friends,
I am very happy to announce Astherion, Kharzuul and Zheaderass will be available to preorder in the Artefakt Miniatures store soon. ( The large base that can be seen on Astherion and Kharzuuls photo will be available aswell.
Both the Base and Zhaedrass will come with several customisation options so You can create Your own variant of Zhaedrass and the base.
Heres some pics of the items in question (1. Astherion, 2. Kharzuul bust in 2 sizes, 3. Zhaedrass horn variant A, 4.Zhaedrass horn variant B)
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Xenomorph Dragon Sculpture

Hello friends,

over the last few weeks I have been devoted to a large personal project. I wanted to answer a question, What would happen if a Facehugger impregnated a dragon… so after a lot of conceptualizing and sculpting, I am very happy to bring You the first shots of my latest sculpture – The Xenomorph Dragon. when the diea came to me I went back and researched Gigers original concept art from before the 1st Alien movie. I wanted to capture the vibe of the creature but do it anew. My goal was to really try and make the new genotype that is a product of the xenomorph and dragon dna mixture. Ive done small pencil sketches aswell as some 3d sketches before I settled on the inital shapes. And then I started focusing on the anatomy and details. Watching the behind the scenes documentaries from the movies helped aswell, aswell as some scenes from the movies to get inspired and into the whole vibe. The whole process was a blast. Ill be sharing some concept art soon as well as more renders. There is also a painted variant coming so stay tuned 😀

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Rathaless the Sea Dragon – 3D printing

Dear friends,

I am thrilled to say that everything is going according to plan and Rathaless is currently being 3D printed by Ownage. As soon as the 3D printing is complete the first 15 sculptures will be cast and the preorders will close at that point. I am very grateful to everyone who helped make Rathaless a reality. Thank You all so much 😀

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Rathaless the Sea Dragon sculpture PREORDERS incoming

Hey friends,

I am thrilled to tell You that on October 5th we will begin taking preorders for “Rathaless the Sea Dragon sculpture”

The sculpture is 350mm from the bottom of the base to the tip of the tail which means it is in scale with most gaming minis. It was suggested by many friends to aim for that scale so You guys can let Your imagination run wild with all the conversions dioramas and overall miniature goodness 😀

The figure itself will be printed and cast in November by Ownage and should be shipped by December 5th.

A picture speaks more than a thousand words they say so without further rambling – bring on the pics 😉


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Rathaless Water Dragon sculpture – WIP

Hey, friends, I’m happy to show You my latest ongoing project. The full body Rathaless Water Dragon sculpture. The aim is to have the sculpture available as a resin kit in 2 sizes approx 50 cm and approx 30 cm from the bottom of the base to the tip of the tail. It is a blast working on him and I hope You like him 😀 #dragonsculpture #creaturedesign #3dart #zbrush #resinkit #artefaktminiatures #winton #artefakt #dragon #fantasysculpture




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Escape of the enslaved dragon II

Our story continues…

Nash’areth was bound by chains piercing shards cold as ice into his flesh. A pulse of pain coarsed through his veins. Every heartbeat an agony, flashes of black in his eyes and mind. He struggled to keep his life, his being from being swallowed by the pain. It seemed like an eternity. Da – dum…  pain soaring through him, Da – dum… tearing him, Da -dum… ripping him apart… as if his very heartbeat was his undoing. Nash’ areth was adamant, he kept what little of his being he could composed and endured the torment… it seemed like an eternity passed, bound in this prison of pain. Under the struggle and torment there was something else, like an earie tune deep beneath the rythm of agony. Nash’ areth realised it was allways here… flowing beneath the current of his despair and yet only now he listened. It was at that moment he realised he need not resist but instead embrace the agony, let it resonate through his being. Da -dum… he opened his eyes, but saw only darkness, Da -dum… he felt his body tremble and strain, Da -Dum… and the pain broke into shards coarsing through his body, Da – Dum… racing, Da – Dum… raging, DA – DUM… letting out a mighty roar… that fractured his body, DA – DUM… now emanating the pain, DA-DUM… seeing clear with sight beyond sight the souls of his captors, DA-DUM…shrugging chains, now palid strings of entaglement, DA – DUM.. opening his gaping maw of tentacle like tongues ensnaring the wretched souls that bore witness to his rebirth. Nash’ areth was no more… out of this pain, this dark torment arose Tenebras aspect of Torment  to unleash his vengeance onto the world.


I had an absolute blast conceptualizing  the look and feel of Tenebras, mainly playing with his portrait today. Cant wait to get back to it tomorrow 🙂 Hope You all like it !