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All new line of busts coming

Dear friends,

I’m super thrilled to say that a new line of bigger even more detailed busts is going to be available through the store soon.  Joining forces with my friends from d3stooges3d we cut the busts differently made new bigger prototypes and are doing all the casting inhouse.  These new busts will come separated in a way that You can mount super detailed glass eyes from inside the head to get that extra realistic look. They will be approx 15cm tall and come with a pair of glass eyes produced by – check them out they got a really sweet assortment of different eyes You can use with the new dragon busts.

As of right now, You can preorder Ssathraz and Ghormazz if You send us an email at and Zhaedrass should be available to preorder next week.

We are planning to release Thrannox and Kharzuul as well as a popular and requested never before released Rathaless bust with new glass eyes shortly.

Here are some pics of how its gonna look like. 


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Changing shipping arrangements

Dear friends,


I am currently in the process of changing my shipping arrangements and there will be no more sales through the website at this time.

If You’re interested in any sculptures please contact me via


As soon as new shipping arrangements are in the store will be updated and again open for busyness.


Kind regards,



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Thrannox Dragon Bust hits the store!

Dear friends,

I’m so happy to announce that my Thrannox Dragon bust has finally hit the store 😀

The bust has 2 horn variants and has very different character depending on the horns chosen. You get both variants in the box so You can mix and match or paint both and alternate them to Your satisfaction.

Hope You like him as much as I enjoyed creating him 😀


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Xenomorph dragon sculpture – PRE-ORDERS opened

Dear friends,


I am very happy to say that You can now pre-order my Xenomorph dragon sculpture.

The sculpt is 300mm in size, scaled to fit most gaming minis and You can use it in Your favorite game or as a display piece.  The preorders are currently limited to 15 but if the demand will be high more can be made available.

Head on over to the store and Grab Yours today 🙂

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Astherion, Kharzuul, Zhaedrass and the Decorative figure Base are up for PREORDER

Dear friends,

I am super happy to announce that Astherion, Kharzuul, Zhaedrass and the Decorative figure Base are finally available for PREORDER. Its been a long road to get to here and finally, we have arrived 😀

All of the items are already 3D printed and at the casters. The nature of the preorder is to determine the demand for each so we can prepare for the future. All items will be shipped to buyers by December 25th.

The “Cold steel and Fiery orange” painted Kharzuul shows a superb rendition by Roman Lappat of Massive Voodoo, be sure to check more of his awesome painting at and

Both Zhaedrass and the Decorative figure Base come with different customisable parts so You can personalize Your bust and base to Your liking. Each of the items has a really nice photo gallery so please check it out as well.

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Astherion, Kharzuul, Zhaedras and our first customisable figure base are coming to the store for PREORDERS soon!!

Dear Friends,
I am very happy to announce Astherion, Kharzuul and Zheaderass will be available to preorder in the Artefakt Miniatures store soon. ( The large base that can be seen on Astherion and Kharzuuls photo will be available aswell.
Both the Base and Zhaedrass will come with several customisation options so You can create Your own variant of Zhaedrass and the base.
Heres some pics of the items in question (1. Astherion, 2. Kharzuul bust in 2 sizes, 3. Zhaedrass horn variant A, 4.Zhaedrass horn variant B)