Commission your Dragon Wall Mount Bust

By purchasing you are commissioning me to make a 1/4 scale wall mount bust of a dragon you can hang on your wall.

Please note, the price indicated is a baseline cost required to make a fully detailed 3d printed 1/4 scale bust. This price may decrease or increase depending on your requirements. There is a baseline price of 1000€ required to make a fully detailed bust. The basic bust includes custom made realistic eyes that can look to a fixed point or have them following you with their gaze effect depending on your preference.

Size is approx 600m from the bottom of the neck to the temple of the head (not the horns) depending on the design this can go over 700mm.

Weight: approx 7-10kg depending on the model.

The sculpting can be done according to the concept you provide (which can be a brief, some images or a combination of those). We can also create a dragon head specifically for you from scratch.

The process involves creating a very detailed realistic model of the head, and also a custom model for the wall mount depending on your wishes. Over the course of sculpting, we will send WIP shots to you so you can give any sort of input and ask for corrections. After the sculpting is done the model is being cut and prepared for 3d printing.  After 3d printing, the parts are then post-processed mechanically and chemically, joined together and refined by hand to achieve the final look. The eyes are crafted (according to your wishes in regards to their style and look) and mounted inside the head. The sculpture is then painted, lacquered and mounted on the wall base.

The whole process can take up to 90 days depending on the complexity and intricacies of the bust itself.

Price includes tax. Shipping costs apply. Added cost for commission and extra work is applicable.

The gallery provides photos of one such finished model as well as some WIP shots.

If you have any special needs, like making it into a standalone bust (not a wall trophy), please contact us at

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